Three of the World’s Top Spas

Utah has one of the World's top spas

Utter, spine-melting serenity is not something many of us get the chance to experience nowadays, however the worldwide rise in spas offering health and relaxation treatments and experiences looks set to put right the distinct lack of calm and respite in our lives.

If you stay awake at night thinking about facial scrubs, deeply penetrating massages and thin, eye-sized slices of cucumber, fantasize no further, your salvation is out there! Here are three of the top spas in the world, which will you visit?

Aman Spa, Amangiri

Located in Utah near Lake Powell, the Aman Spa at Amangiri is an almost alien setting, the spa itself slotted in between white-stoned canyons deep within the desert. Crafted to represent the Navajo traditions indicative of the location of the spa, the menu of treatments takes an encompassing, yet holistic approach to the health and wellbeing of visitors.

The Water Pavilion, an outside area that blends seamlessly with the bright rocks of the desert clime, features a plunge pool, steam room and sauna, the combination of these helping to improve circulation and skin quality. For yoga practitioners, the bamboo-floored Yoga Pavilion is a natural temple of healing, unforgettable and utterly rejuvenating.

Canyon Ranch Spa at the Venetian, Las Vegas

Whilst many of the world’s top spas are geared toward new-age, eastern living types, the Canyon Ranch Spa is a refreshing departure from these oft-overused tropes. Fitness classes, climbing walls, a huge variety of water therapies and all number of treatments are available for visitors tired of the non-stop nature of the city, the spa an oasis set within the bustling casino destination.

One moment you can be playing poker in a casino, the next you can be relaxing in the sauna or steam room; the best thing about the spa is that if you’ve come to Vegas for a week of high stakes action, you can still play online via smartphone- those who let Euro Palace boost their time by the pool could be looking at pretty substantial returns along with the relaxation!

Rancho La Puerta, Tecate

Known across the world as one of the best spas on offer, Rancho La Puerta has been calming and settling minds since 1940. Located in Tecate, Mexico, near the border with California, the spa is set amongst the beautiful countryside of the Sonora, though the spa is truly where the magic lies.

The spa hosts three health and beauty centres that are staffed with the best health and beauty professionals, making the stay not just a simple spa visit one could find at any hotel. Massages of all varieties, treatments, scrubs, and all manner of detoxifying, revitalising and cleansing services are on offer. You will leave in a mood the likes of which you have likely never experienced.