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Take Flight with Beginner Hunting Tips

Photo by CC user myfwcmedia on Flickr If one of your aspirations in life is to learn how to hunt, there are myriad of ways to go about this. You could start out hunting some small game animals in the closest woods (where of course hunting is permitted) near your home. On the other hand, you might want to team-up with friends or family members who like to hunt and travel somewhere out of the area for your first experience. No matter which option you choose - whether the target is

Top Reasons To Visit Chile

Several record breakers involving culture, history, biodiversity, and natural landscapes are among the top reasons to visit Chile, one of the skinniest and most interesting countries in the world! Below are seven reasons why you should visit Chile on your next trip. 1) See the oldest mummy. Mummification was practiced by the Chinchorro people who lived in Chile during pre-Columbian times, way before the Egyptians did. Until the next biggest discovery, Chinchorro mummies are the oldest known

What’s the best way to travel from Los Angeles to Mexico?

Whether you're planning on exploring America for several months or organising a much shorter jaunt, it's well worth to travel from Los Angeles to Mexico. These two vibrant destinations have great beaches and reliable sunshine in common, but offer very different attractions - something that makes them a great combination for visiting in a single trip. Why cruise? Of course, one of the key questions to ask yourself when planning any multi-centre break (no matter how brief) is how you'll travel

Top Reasons to Visit the Australian Capital Territory

There are a lot of top reasons to visit the Australian Capital Territory mainly due to its numerous tourist attractions that you will surely love. The strongest point is its natural tourist spots that will simply leave you awestruck with its marvelous beauty and stunning landscapes. That’s why if you are planning an Australian tour, then most certainly do not forget taking a trip to the Australian Capital Territory. For starters, it is best to visit Canberra which is home to a lot of