Tourist Attractions In Guadeloupe To See On Your Winter Getaway

Guadeloupe by CC user sybarite48 on Flickr

Privileged to be situated at the heart of the Caribbean’s rich Creole ethnicity, the top tourist attractions in Guadeloupe are a dream for any dedicated culture enthusiast to explore. The atoll of Guadeloupe is well-adored for its pristine beaches where sands are close to being perfectly in composition. Moreover, Guadeloupe doesn’t only boast of its stunning beaches but still has so many other travel destinations waiting to be discovered.

Standing at a height of around 1000 feet, Morne du Chameau is the highest part of Terre-de-Haut region in Guadeloupe. Positioned on the southern border of a stunning bay, Morne de Chameau is enclosed by Morne Morel and Morne Mire. Also referred to as Camel Hill, Morne du Chameau is a fine looking watch out area where you can be in awe at the picturesque scenery of other islands in close proximity. Morne du Chameau’s pristine beauty offers a serene and natural ambiance which complements its biodiverse sanctuaries.

With a captivating view of the bay on the wonderful isle of Terre-de-Haut, Fort Napoleon is deemed as one of the top tourist attractions in Guadeloupe. The fortress of Napoleon rises as the ultimate embodiment and work of art of the Caribbean Atoll’s rich French birthright. Constructed in the 17th century, the authentic Napoleon Fort was ruined by the British forces in 1809. The structure was then refurbished during Napoleon’s time of power and thus was named after him. The fort though has never witnessed any grave war but functioned as a prison house for political captives. At present, the citadel has already been converted into an awe-inspiring museum and garden that will prove to be a worthwhile use of your valuable time here.

Another addition to the top tourist attractions in Guadeloupe is its beaches. Its beaches are actually open to all tourists but if you want to have a more serene vacation experience, you may want to visit a few of the private beachfronts that are managed by hotels which only allow access for its guests.

Moreover, nakedness is also allowed along the beaches of Guadeloupe, especially in close proximity to the resorts. So don’t be astonished if you witness beach bums lying down barenaked on the shores or taking a plunge in the waters. Among the premier beaches to explore in Guadeloupe are St. Anne, St. Francois and Le Moule on Grande-Terre as well as Grande Anse.