Top Reasons To Visit Anguilla

Beaches like this count among the top reasons to visit Anguilla

As a result of a positive stereotype, one may easily find the top reasons to visit Anguilla knowing that this is particularly a British Caribbean territory. Anguilla is among the northernmost islands in the Lesser Antilles lying directly north of St. Martin Island.

This island nation got its namesake from a strange confluence of Romance languages (Spanish, Portuguese and French) which meant one thing – an eel. This is partly due to its eel-like geographical shape. Although the British were credited for being the first to settle permanently in the islands since 1650, there are disputes about its first ever European contact.

There are others who claim that this was part of Christopher Columbus’s ubiquitous discoveries. However, there are also those who contend that its first European settlers were French. Nonetheless, it is easy to understand why Europeans compete on their claims, since this island is truly wonderful in its own right.

1. Hard-to-get good deals: seek thus ye shall find!

Anguilla is generally an upscale holiday destination and it is understandable how things are apparently not defined cheap. But it is always interesting to know that there are good deals hidden in the corners of its teeming tropical civilization. These bargain retail outlets are not really illegal, but they are just challenging to find. One may consider the effort as a sort of preliminary adventure.

2. Caribbean beaches are truly beautiful beaches

One of the top reasons to visit Anguilla, similar to other islands in the Caribbean region, is for their beaches. Caribbean beaches are known for their picturesque azure lustre, resplendent under the beating sunlight of the cloudless midday skies. One can indulge in a variety of water recreations or simply relax in its neat bungalows.

3. Luxurious accommodations are more than just sweet dreams

This territory is known for their upscale accommodations, especially the beach resorts. One can envision a typical seaside paradise that is completely in touch with the aesthetics and sophistication of modern civilization. The beach hostels have staff personnel that provide excellent quality service and most importantly, the comforts one might expect from homes such as cabled TV and internet connection are readily available.

4. Dining in two excellent ways

The definition of a great dining experience may come in two forms – glamorous restaurants and casual street-side or jetty bistros. Whatever suits the individual’s taste will always result in pleasurable satisfaction of one’s appetite. The eyes can feast on its tropical seaside vibes while great tasting food is served.

5. Let’s chill and do the reggae mon!

Perhaps one of the catchiest of the top reasons to visit Anguilla has a lot to do with its low-key music predilection. Truly, music in Anguilla is not really as urbane as expected of overseas British territories. Reggae is a popular music genre in the country, similar to Jamaica and Barbados. Night life recreations are abounding of local reggae band performances. Such an unglamorous music genre has been generally well-received by many Englishmen.