Top Reasons To Visit Chile

The Andes Mountains in Chilean Patagonia easily ranks as one of the top reasons to visit Chile

Several record breakers involving culture, history, biodiversity, and natural landscapes are among the top reasons to visit Chile, one of the skinniest and most interesting countries in the world! Below are seven reasons why you should visit Chile on your next trip.

1) See the oldest mummy. Mummification was practiced by the Chinchorro people who lived in Chile during pre-Columbian times, way before the Egyptians did. Until the next biggest discovery, Chinchorro mummies are the oldest known to man. The oldest mummy dates back to 5050 B.C. and is that of a small child.

2) Climb the highest volcano. Ojos del Salado, in Chile’s Atacama region, holds the title of the tallest volcano in Chile with a towering height of nearly 7,000 meters. Situated near the Atacama Desert, the volcano has a dry, snow-free landscape; factors which make it ideal for hiking.

3) Explore the driest desert on earth. The Atacama Desert is known to be the driest desert on earth and is one of the top reasons to visit Chile. Astronomers often come here to stargaze with it’s crystal clear skies. While rain is rare, El Niño brings forth winter rainfall and transforms the Atacama Desert. When it does rain, it causes bright-colored desert flowers to emerge amidst its sandy landscape, almost out of thin air. While the desert is safe if you go with a trained guide, it would make sense to pick up some cheap travel insurance as well just in case anything bad happens.

4) Spot the world’s smallest deer. The Patagonia region is best known for its diversity of wildlife, but it is also home to some unique finds. The Pudu is a miniature-sized deer that thrives in the area. On average, it measures 35 centimeters tall. It is so small that even a Horned Owl considers it prey. Pudus are cautious and shy so you really have to watch out for them.

5) Discover a wide range of plants and animals. Thousands of plants, birds, mammals, reptiles, and amphibian species live within the country’s diverse habitat. This biodiversity accounts for unforgettable sightseeing adventures.

6) Marvel at the longest mountain range. Much of the Andes Mountains are within Chile. The Andes Mountain Range is undeniably one of the top reasons to visit Chile. The snow-capped mountains are perfect for hiking, skiing, and snowboarding. White water rafting is made possible by the strong rivers that carve them. You may also choose to just look at the Andes Mountains from Santiago, the bustling capital of Chile.

7) Walk over the oldest grasslands. Fossils uncovered at the Tinguiririca River Valley suggest that some 32.5 million years ago, rodents that resemble chinchillas lived in the area. What made them interesting is that they fed on grasslands at a time when they were rare on earth.