Check out the Snowbomb Platinum Pass

The Snowbomb Platinum Pass allows you access to amazing snow areas like Heavenly, perched above the gem that is Lake Tahoe ... photo by CC user Public Domain on wikimedia

If you absolutely love skiing and snowboarding, then you’re truly in for a treat. Snowbomb is offering an amazing Platinum Pass for the 2014 and 2015 season, and it includes amazing things with each and every membership. There’s certainly going to be a lot to look forward to with these passes!

Hit the slopes with free lift passes

First of all, you are going to get free passes to many of the best slopes. In addition, you will get up to five complimentary lift tickets for each show that is playing. You can even get a very special Powder Pass membership in addition to the Snowbomb Platinum Pass that you already have, and this will allow you to get discounted lift tickets all year round. You can get more details by going online.

Wine and beer tasting

There’s even more where that came from. In addition to the lift tickets that you will get with your pass, you can also enjoy some of the best beers and wines from around the California area at wine and beer tasting events in the area. If you have a VIP pass, you are automatically eligible to go into these events that other people will have to pay for.

Getting ready inside to hit the slopes outside

While you are waiting to hit the slopes with your Platinum Pass, you will certainly want to have something to do indoors. This is also true if the weather seems to be a little down while you are out skiing. For example, you might want to simply grab a cup of hot cocoa or a piece of cake or something else to eat and relax. Of course, you might also want to simply do some work on your mobile phone or play a casino game on your mobile tablet device.

Get your Platinum Passes soon before they sell out

Make sure that you are your tickets now. They’re going on sale in several of the major cities in California, but they certainly won’t last long. If you love to ski and snowboard, you need these tickets! Many people who by the passes like to buy them for their whole family or for a large group of friends that they have. Going to these events can be a super fun group activity, and it will create a vacation that you will definitely never forget! Check out the tickets as soon as you can and get them while they’re hot!