Make your next holiday a 360 degree trip!

Make your next holiday to the USA a 360 degree trip ... photo by CC user Terabass on wikimedia and CC user bz3rk on flickr

Find yourself getting easily bored after a few days in lying in a sun lounger? Next time, take a well-rounded holiday by going on trips that offer a variety of experiences within a two week space. Below, we outline several amazing destinations that embody this philosophy to the letter, as they present a long list of options that will banish the word “dull” from your vocabulary…

1) New York City & Miami, USA

Start your American adventure by arriving in New York City, which is one of the world’s most prominent urban areas. Containing people from practically every corner of the globe within its 1,214 square kilometres, it is a cultural melting pot that will astound you with its diversity with every street corner that you turn.

After sampling the cuisine from one of the seemingly infinite number of restaurants, scope out the view of one of the world’s most iconic skylines from the Empire State Building, or from the harbor while riding the Staten Island Ferry.

Just before this intense metropolis begins to grind you down, board a plane for Miami, where bright sunshine, sugary white sands, and an ever-present Latin vibe will work to lower your blood pressure from the second you set foot on Floridian soil.

Enjoy the rest of your trip sampling the taste of the good life everyday, from decadent brunches on South Beach in the morning, to long days spent splashing in the surf, ending with endless nights spent reveling in the world-class bars and clubs found in abundance here.

2) Athens, Istanbul and the beach (Greece and Turkey)

Your adventure on this trip will begin with you contemplating the glory days of the Greek Empire, when a collection of city states played host to some of history’s most celebrated academics. Today, only the marble bones of their former temples and administrative buildings remain, but they stand as a memorial to the civilization that would later give rise to the democratic institutions that define our societies today.

You will then skip over to Istanbul, which served as home to the Mediterranean’s prime superpower after the fall of Rome. Here, you’ll find churches that date back to the time of the Byzantines, as well as mosques and other institutions that serve as a testament to the might of the Ottomans.

End your trip by lounging on the beaches of the Turquoise Coast, or on one of the many Greek islands that each hold a piece of paradise that patiently await your arrival this summer.

3) Delhi, Agra, Jaipur & Goa, India

India has many wonders, but the trick to enjoying one’s time here involves balancing the grittier aspects of a trip here with breaks at less frenetic destinations. Delhi is home to many cultural attractions dating from the Mughal and British periods of rule, while Agra is home to the Taj Mahal, a mausoleum that stands as India’s most iconic sight.

Escape the humidity of the low plains for the deserts of Jaipur, which is home to many outstanding structures such as the Water Palace. After enduring the chaotic nature of this nation for a full week, proceed to the coast in Goa for a full week of rest and relaxation, comfortable in the knowledge that you did this major world nation that justice that it deserves.