3 Stops for a Luxury Tour of Asia

When on a luxury tour of Asia, staying in the glittering hotels of Macau is a must ... photo by CC user traveloriented on Flickr

We travel differently. The bliss of travelling creates one-of-a-kind luxury travel experiences. These wonderful experiences comes from the endless beauty of the world and seeing it is one of life’s greatest pleasures. One way to witness the world’s immense beauty is on a luxury travel tour.

Asia is a perfect destination for all different sorts of travel. Anybody can splurge and savor the luxury spots in this continental beauty.

If you are still looking for where to have your luxury stops, no need to worry because we already got it covered. Here are 3 stops if you are going on a luxury tour in Asia.

1) Japan

A luxurious tour in the land of the rising sun guides you through the country with style and elegance. A country that has still retained the richness of their culture and way of living from the past is one way to experience how amazing their country is.

Visit the snow-capped majestic Mount Fuji, and be mesmerized by the panoramic view of its zenith. If you are passionate about fashion and style, then you should visit the sophisticated city of Tokyo. It is one of the few fashion capitals in the world. Spoil yourself around many shopping centers in this city, and if you are tech-savvy, then Tokyo is the holy place for you.

You should also explore Japan on tours of the country’s cultural heart in Kyoto where you can witness how intricate and sophisticated the Japanese culture was before. And, you can also take the bullet train to Osaka for its contemporary architecture. Travel in Japan to find solace, and explore some of the country’s magnificent Buddhist and Shito shrines and temples. Your luxury Japan tour will immerse you in a marvelous reverie with the many beautiful things they have in store for every guests and visitors.

2) India

Enchanting and captivating, the incredible country of India crackles with energy and colors. From the maze-like markets laced with the scent of spices to the stoic marble plateaus; from the hustle-bustle night parties of Mumbai to the glory of Sikkim, India has been known to be one of the most challenging destinations for adventurous spirits and for those who are looking for a luxurious Indian feel.

One could begin with the splendor and romance of the Rajasthan in North India. The scenery is just incomparable as they are overflowing with ancient temples and Mughal monuments which some have become luxury hotels those who have come to visit the place. You also have several exciting cities like Mumbai, New Delhi and Calcutta that are blissfully vibrant as they have so many luxurious hotels and sites to offer such as the historic havelis to the Royal Palaces.

India is almost a melting pot of culture due to its vast size and dazzling regional array of language, cuisine and religion. However, what is exciting is the fact that you can definitely have a refreshing stay in this marvelous country.

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3) Macau

When on an Asian luxury tour, you should not miss Macau – the Las Vegas in Asia. From the wondrous skyscrapers, hotels and casinos to the off beaten tourist trails, Macau has long been known to be a tourist destinations for luxury travels and the likes.

Macau is a very fascinating place. With the small land scale, they have a lot of things to offer. Aside from the busy casinos around, there are also walking tours for visitors to take. There are still places left to be discovered such as the historical place of San Ma Lou where there traces of mixed Chinese and Portuguese kind of living. This is also the place where you can relish authentic food and snacks from clay pot rice. It is such an amazing opportunity to feast on Macau cuisine.