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A guide to the most beautiful houses and gardens in Majorca

When you think of Majorca, the first things that spring to mind are probably its stunning beaches, turquoise seas and bustling seaside resorts. However, if you venture away from the main tourist hotspots, you’ll find some charming historical sites, not to mention beautiful gardens. If this sounds like the kind of thing that appeals to you, check out our selection of the best houses and gardens in Majorca to visit during your stay in an all inclusive hotel in Majorca. Raixa Estate The

Top Tourist Attractions In Italy

High street fashion, art and historical monuments are some of the top tourist attractions in Italy. This southern European country is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, with its history, culture and picturesque natural attractions. With so many top tourist attractions in Italy, making a list will definitely be a hard task. But the attractions listed below will easily give you an idea why Italy is one of the dream destinations of a great variety of travellers from all

The Best Cities in Europe to Party!

best places to party in Europe, Ibiza, Spain For a younger generation (as well as those hanging onto some youthful memories), Europe can be the ideal place to let loose, have some fun and party into the night. The nightlife consistently found in the following cities is something special, ranging up there with the very best places in the world as an experience to cherish and remember: Amsterdam Amsterdam is considered party HQ in Europe, a beautiful city full of things to see and do when the sun is up and a party haven of all kinds when