The Best Cities in Europe to Party!

For a younger generation (as well as those hanging onto some youthful memories), Europe can be the ideal place to let loose, have some fun and party into the night. The nightlife consistently found in the following cities is something special, ranging up there with the very best places in the world as an experience to cherish and remember:

best places to party in Europe, Ibiza, Spain

Amsterdam is considered party HQ in Europe, a beautiful city full of things to see and do when the sun is up and a party haven of all kinds when it dips down. The Red Light District is notorious throughout the continent and there are a number of ‘shows’ that wouldn’t be found anywhere else. The nightlife is also excellent and a visit to a traditional coffee shop may present one or two surprises as well.

Berlin wins with its excessive nightlife and penchant for attracting world-class DJs from everywhere. Its eclectic taste in music offers a little something for everyone but its real love is techno and prominent clubbers should head straight to Berghain, one of the world’s best. It truly is a city that never sleeps and remains active and pumping into the early hours of the morning, barely even registering the sun as it rises.

Ibiza, the self-proclaimed top party spot on the planet, is a massive tourist attraction, pulling in a large number of young party-goers every year thanks to its renowned nightlife. Enjoy something free during the day, a trip to the hidden Atlantis Cove perhaps, and return at night for the vibrant partying and themed clubs, such as Espuma, a massive foam party, and after-club experiences. Space and Pacha are also considered two of the very best in the world and any clubber worth their salt will be heading straight there.

Barcelona is a beautiful city, full of tourists every year so ensure direct insurance is secured beforehand. Each neighbourhood here features something different, a diverse range of music and a number of varied clubs, mixed in with the beautiful, cultural city, accumulating a unique experience, unlike anything else offered.

Moving a little closer to home, London is not everyone’s first pick for nightlife and entertainment but it is a cultural hub, resulting in a number of options for anyone looking to party and stay out late. From Leicester Square’s blaring lights to the smoky backrooms of Camden, London is a haven, a cultural artefact full of sights and sounds that will appeal to the most ardent party-animal. For a more traditional outlook, London features a number of pubs as well, a perfect way to start the night.

These are just a few of the most awesome cities to party in Europe, but you can definitely find other places to loose. Honorable mentions include, Lagos, Portugal, Budapest, Hungary and Sofia Bulgaria.