Top Things To Do In Paris


Sure, the top things to do in Paris can guarantee a romantic honeymoon or vacation with your loved one you’ll never forget.  However, a trip to the city dubbed as the “Most Romantic City in the World” will not come in cheap.  But don’t fret.  There are still so many things you can do in Paris on a tight budget.

Here’s a list of top things to do in Paris for the budget savvy traveller:

Go to Paris during off season.  While spring time and summer time are guaranteed the best times to go to Paris, it’s also the time when hotels and hostels are at its most expensive.  Plus the hordes of tourists in all the tourist attractions in the city as well as the long lines to museums and parks can make a dream holiday a nightmare.  So plan your trip to Paris wisely to avoid such hassles.  Go to Paris during off season which falls on November to April.

Go See the Real Moulin Rouge This building and what happened inspired transformed modern entertainment. Built in 1889, it was one of the first cabarets in the world and where the Can-Can dance originated. The seductive dance transformed into its own type of entertainment, and now you can still see shows there that are full of risqué dancing, comedy, music, food and drink. Don’t forget to pick up tickets for Moulin Rouge in Paris before you go though as they usually sell out well in advance.

Visit the Eiffel Tower.  A trip to Paris is never complete without visiting the iconic Eiffel Tower, which is easily one of France’s most best-known sights.  Seeing the whole city from the top especially at night time when the skyline is ablaze with lights can be romantic experience for you and your loved ones.  However, the price of the elevator going to the top can be quite costly at 8.10 Euros per adult.  But it’s definitely worth it.

Put a lock on the bridge.  Forget candle-lit dinners in some expensive Parisian bistro.  For a fraction of the cost of a dinner in one of these upscale restaurants, you get to immortalize your romantic getaway in Paris by going to Ponte des Arts, the footbridge that links quai de Conti and quai Mitterrand.  Don’t forget to bring a padlock and an indelible marker with you.

Once you’re there, write your name and your loved one’s name as well on the padlock, secure the lock on the railing and throw away the key.

Consider it “leaving a mark” in the world’s most romantic city, or a profession of your undying love to each other.  Either way, the gesture is completely romantic and awe-inspiring.  And despite the efforts of the city of Paris to remove the padlocks, the tradition still persists and you will find so many padlocks on the railings.

Share a blanket and some brie in Le Champ de Mars.  Even in Paris, you can still enjoy a few cheap thrills.  One of such is enjoying some wine and brie while sharing a blanket with your loved one on the lawns and manicured flower beds in Le Champ de Mars.  The best time to go there is at dusk, when the Eiffel Tower is ablaze with tiny sparkling lights.