Top Things To Do In Mazatlan

Watching divers take the plunge from cliffs like this are one of the top things to do in Mazatlan

The top things to do in Mazatlan guarantee a vacation you’ll never forget, whether it’s with your partner, your family or your friends. Located in the state of Sinaloa, Mazatlan is best known for its pristine beaches. And with its tropical climate all year round, it’s a year-round destination. So it wouldn’t matter if you’re here on Christmas or during spring break.

Here are some of the top things to do in Mazatlan:

Go on a walking tour in Centro Historico. Whether you sign up for an organized tour, or allow your wanderlust to take over by going on a self-guided tour, walking around the “old town” gives you that nostalgic feeling, with its colonial buildings and cobblestoned sidewalks. Night time walks are definitely recommended when the town is all lit up and the Parisian style cafes are abuzz and live music fill the air.

Climb up the lighthouse. Look for a sign that say Faro around town and you’ll be treated to a majestic view of the highest natural lighthouse in the world. Rising 515 feet above sea level, it gives you a breath-taking panorama of Mazatlan and the surrounding beaches. Just make sure that you are in great shape before you make the climb as it’s pretty steep.

Watch cliff divers. Nothing sounds more exciting than seeing these daredevils dive into shallow 5-6 feet deep water from a 45 feet high rock formation. These divers wait for the right wave to hit before taking the plunge. The best time to watch the cliff divers are in the morning.

Enjoy the beach. One of the top things to do in Mazatlan is enjoying the beach. Whether you opt for surfing or simply, soaking up the sun in one of the beach chairs or your beach towels, there’s so many options you can choose from. The most popular beach destination would be Olas Atlas Beach which is a stone’s throw away from the Centro Historico. Olas Atlas Beach also has many restaurants where you can sample exquisite Mexican food.

But if you’re planning on catching some waves, head out to Playa Bruja with waves reaching the height of 8-10 feet! It is pretty easy to rent a car in town and it’s cheap so it’s a great option, expecially if you plan to bring your own surf board. Just remember to pick up some car rental excess insurance before you go to make sure you’re covered in any chance of mishap. And the best part is, the beach is almost deserted except for a few surf shacks which rent out surf boards if you want to just get one there.