The Best Apps for Travel in 2016

Bringing your smart phone along while traveling used to be a faux pas. Nowadays most smart travelers wouldn’t dream of living home without it. With the best apps for travel in 2016 you can see more, do more, save more, and be safer while traveling abroad. So download some of t these best apps for travel, login to wifi or swap-in your travel SIM, and get travelling!

Google Translate
Google’s web based translations have been a widely used (and misused) for years. Their Google Translate mobile app is even more powerful than their web based version with additional features such as instant translations via your smart phone and automatic translations of over 90 languages. Also, Google lets you download language packs so even if you are data-less you can still access these insanely useful features. So have this app handy on your next trip and prepare to travel like a local!

Get Your Guide App
This all purpose travel app provides you with the data you need to be a savvy traveler. With useful infographics and real time data, Get Your Guide App will help you in planning your trip or finding last minute exciting excursions. You can even book activities and read reviews directly in the app. The app is also paper free so you don’t have to worry about scrounging around for a printer in your bungalow or hauling paper everywhere you go. In addition they offer a “best price guarantee” so you can be assured you are getting the best possible deal on your activities. Get Your Guide App Currently available on Google Android and Apple iOS  and can be found here.

Best Travel Apps 2016
SkyScanner allows you to search millions of flights from your smartphone. It features both international and domestic flights and lets you to compare and sort based on a a plethora of criteria. You can even book flights directly through the app. So with apps like this you can get where you need to go and be assured you are not overpaying for airfare while ditching the dingy hotel computer or internet cafe.

Uber has recently brought their transportation industry disruptive car sharing service global. The app is available in nearly 70 cities around the  world including exotic cities like Bangkok, London, Vienna, and Istanbul. One of the best things about Uber is that while traveling even when the language of your country changes, your app’s language doesn’t. The app works exactly the same in New Orleans as it does in Nigeria. Once you land in your destination, just flick open the app as you usually would and request a driver. You will be billed to the same card you would back home and can expect the same great service.

So make sure and pack your phone with you next time you get on the plane. A quality case and phone insurance might not be a bad idea either…