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Things To Do On Your Holidays

COOKING COURSES It is one thing to travel to a new destination and taste its culinary delights and it is another thing to crave for the same delicacies when you go back home. Some destinations in the world are famous for their delicious cuisines including France, Italy, Mexico, Morocco and Spain. Take cooking classes in the destination of choice, enjoy learning about exotic spices, using local products and immerse in a new culture. With the growing foodie culture, culinary tourism and increasing

Exciting Adventures On A French Family Holiday

CARAVAN HOLIDAY IN BRITTANY Brittany is a popular holiday destination and it is easy to see why, it is a destination with rolling sandy beaches, a stunning coastline and full of Celtic Culture steeped in myths and legends, in fact it is one of the most distinctive areas in France. Family caravan holidays offer variety and flexibility to explore Brittany and all its spectacular regions without much spending, especially if you own your own caravan. They are the perfect option for family summer