Four relaxing spa destinations around the world

Hawaii is one of the most relaxing spa destinations around the world ... photo by CC user WPPilot on wikimedia commons

Do you really want to release all your stress on vacation? If you are looking for some of the most relaxing spa destinations around the world, this post will clue you in on three of our most favorite spots on this planet to unwind when we head out on a trip…

1) Hawaii

Sitting well out in the tropical waters of the North Pacific Ocean, the Hawaiian Islands are a natural choice for those seeking to escape everyday stress in their daily lives. With swaying palms, white sand beaches, and jungles that grow thick with lush vegetation, it is a world away from the continental USA, despite being part of the same country.

The relaxing environment that Hawaii possesses has made a great place to open elaborate spas of all types, with all sorts of treatments available. From facials that use hot and cold stones to re-energize your look, to resorts that actually employ an on-site plastic surgeon, there is no limit to the levels of relaxation and self-esteem that you can reach at any of the places you can find in Hawaii.

2) Monaco

When it comes to pursuing the best spa treatments in the world, an excellent place to look for them is in the Principality of Monaco. A microstate that caters to the globe’s wealthiest citizens, Monaco has a wide slate of services that spoil those to whom money is no object, and that includes businesses that specialize in revitalizing your money and spirit.

A prime example of this is the Thermes Marins Monte Carlo Wellness Center, which offers a 2 day comprehensive treatment program that assesses where you are coming up short in your diet and your physical structure, allowing them to tailor treatments and outgoing advice to allow you to continue to progress in the right direction.

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3) Bali

With an intoxicating culture, stunning beaches, and rice paddies that ease your mind upon first sight, Bali is quite possibly the best place to go for a spa retreat in Southeast Asia. From this island’s unique flower petal baths to acupressure massages, Bali’s spas offer a multitude of ways to get you unwound after a long week of volcano climbing or surfing.