Four Destinations That Offer More Than Gaming

Among some of the most spectacular destinations in the world for luxury travel, it used to be that people would frequently count casinos. Indeed, once upon a time world class casinos often went hand in hand with the world’s best resorts, and while this hasn’t necessarily changed, the idea of visiting a casino for what it actually has to offer—gambling, card games, and whatnot—has become a bit less attractive, with the result that “casino travel,” so to speak, doesn’t come up as often these days.

The reason for this is quite clear. Though Las Vegas tourism, and tourism in other famous casino destinations, is still doing very well, the enormous expansion of the online casino community has changed people’s mindsets regarding the idea of casino gaming. Basically, it no longer has to happen at an actual casino! The Android and Apple app markets are simply flooded with apps simulating all of the best casino games. And at online casino partypoker, players can even back their digital chips with real money, competing in single poker games or live tournaments with real people across the Internet. So why bother traveling to a casino destination?

How about the destination itself? Whether or not a casino is necessary for gambling, the fact remains that many of the world’s biggest and best casino venues are located within spectacular resorts, at breathtaking locations. So with that said, here’s a look at four of the world’s most amazing casino/resort destinations.


Paradise Island, Bahamas
The location of the enormous Atlantis hotel and casino, Paradise Island also happens to be one of the most beautiful spots in the Caribbean to visit. Given the high tourist activity at this location, the beaches have been kept remarkably pristine, with stretches of soft white sand and gorgeous blue-green water that make for a relaxing vacation environment. Furthermore, the Atlantis resort offers an incredible experience, even for those with no interest in gambling there. Swim with the dolphins, enjoy a water park, and explore an incredible marine habitat, all within the Atlantis resort.

Canary Islands, Spain
Located off the northwest African coast, the Canary Islands are a hotspot for vacations particularly early in the year, as they warm up before most of mainland Europe. There are numerous high quality casinos that bring tourists to the area, but it’s the surrounding beaches, landscapes, and activities that are the true draws. The Tenerife beach stretch in particular is a popular destination, where you’ll find a blend of luxury accommodations and historic towns, complete with wonderful cafes and beaches.

Monte Carlo, Monaco
Known for being the home to arguably the most renowned individual casino in the world, the Casino de Monte Carlo, this is a destination positively overflowing with luxury. But if you want to feel like royalty while vacationing on the Mediterranean, there are few better travel options, casino aside. View the harbor, stroll around Larvotto Beach, and, if you’re one who enjoys competitive sports, plan a trip around the Monte Carlo Grand Prix for an experience unlike any other.

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Sure, Vegas is known worldwide for the prowess of its casinos, and they remain some of the very best in the world. But there’s so much more to a trip to Vegas than pulling slot machine levers or sitting around card tables. To begin with, the casinos are attached to amazing resorts with inventive, festive pool scenes, five star dining options, and concert venues that attract some of the very best shows on the planet. Furthermore, any trip to Vegas can be supplemented by national park exploration and outdoor experiences, as the city is not far from the Colorado River and Grand Canyon.