The best waterfalls in India that are the favorite of tourists

The best waterfalls in India will take your breath away ... photo by CC user Jan J George on wikipedia

There is something about the waterfalls that attract the attention of the onlookers. Think about, the gushing waters falling over from a great height, it is a sight that sounds so ferocious yet so attractive. Well, People travel half way around the world to get a sight of the magnificent Niagara Falls but if you are in India you can save a lot of money travelling to Ontario and instead watch the most spectacular waterfalls in India. It is Monsoon in most parts of India and it is the best time to witness the best waterfalls in India in their full glory. The top 4 waterfalls that are a must visit for all are listed below:

Dudhsagar Waterfall

The name of the falls, literally translates into Sea of Milk in the local language of Goa. Isn’t the name itself exciting enough to pay a visit; just as the name, the falls literally seems like sea of milk gushing down from a height. The gushing of waters is so ferocious that the colour transforms into white colour. The falls is located about 60 KM from Panaji, the capital of Goa and is the 5th largest falls in India. The best time to visit is during the July – August, when the monsoon is at its peak and the river is at its highst flow. If you are planning to travel in a group, make sure that you get some Monsoon Travel Tips. If trains are booked already, you can get your bus bookings from abhibus and use abhibus coupons to get cashback or discount on your bookings.

Athirappilly Waterfall

This waterfall is India’s very own Niagara falls. This falls is probably the most beautiful falls of all in India and is located in Athirappilly Panchayath in Kerala. The falls creates a spectacular showdown as the Chalakudy River fills to the brim during the Monsoon and feeds the falls. Although, it is a relatively small waterfalls measuring about 24 meters it is the width of the falls that makes it unique and looking magnanimous.

Chitrakot Waterfall

At a height of just about 29 meters, the fall may not give the thrill of watching the water falling from a great height but it more than makes up with its incredible girth. This is one of the few falls in India that attracts tourist all year around. During the dry season, the falls flow in a stream from one of the lower exits but during the Monsoons it presents an awe-inspiring showdown. The water rises above the rock surface that is about 200 meters and presents a site that is truly spectacular. The falls located in Chhattisgarh attracts thousands and thousands of tourists during monsoon to watch the phenomenon unfold.

Langshiang Fall

Located in the eastern state of Meghalaya, the Langshiang Falls is one of the longest falls in India, it measures over 340 meters. The falls can be seen from ever from the village but only a closer view of the falls will reveal the true beauty this natural beauty holds within it. The only way to reach the falls is to travel by a boat on the Nankhunaum River. Make sure you carry sufficient food and snacks with you as you wouldn’t find any food vendors around the falls.