Is There A Best Time To Visit North Korea?

With some of the best weather of the year and being the time of the Mass Games, Fall is the best time to visit North Korea

Traveling to North Korea is not impossible, for as long as you know the best time to visit North Korea and how to go there. While North Korea may not be what you consider a dream destination, there are a great deal of interesting cultural and historical landmarks and sights worth checking out. And you’d be surprised to know that this country, (despite the high tension) is actually open to tourists.

But do remember that tourism here is highly restricted. So there’s no chance for you to discover off-the-beaten-path tourist attractions. The only way you can get in would be joining a guided tour with one of the travel companies endorsed by the state-run Korea International Travel Company.

In addition to restrictions, North Korea’s climate is also something you need to consider. Winters can be extreme in North Korea with temperatures often reaching zub-zero. So the best time to visit North Korea is during summer time, especially in May to June when the days are just starting to get warmer. July and August are the peak of summer where temperatures are higher than usual, but not unpleasant.

During autumn (September to October), you’ll definitely enjoy the splash of colours, especially in the countryside, should your tour take you there.

Aside from weather considerations, holidays and festivals are also a best time to visit North Korea. Tour companies often offer packaged tours during highlights in North Korea. May Day or Labour Day is one of the often recommended days by tour companies as you will have the opportunity to mingle with the locals and attend their folk festivals especially in Taesongsan Park.

Mass Games is also one of the hot tourist tickets in North Korea. This event happens from July to October and it features cultural shows like arts and gymnastics events and other great spectacles.

But tour companies advice that you book ahead, at least a month before the Mass Games and that you must apply for a North Korean Visa more than 2 weeks before your flight as Visas here take about 10 days to process.