Best Hotels in Brighton England

The best hotels in Brighton England are a great base for enjoying beaches like this one ... photo by CC user ZivojinMisic slike on wikimedia

The city of Brighton and Hove has long been known to welcome thousands of visitors throughout the year who visit in an attempt to try and explore what the city has to offer. The city is found to the south coast just a few hours from the capital of London. Travel blogs such as travelvana have ranked the city among the top destinations to visit in England.

The city has a good number of hotels all of which have been designed to try and reflect the city’s past. Buildings such as the Victorian building and the travelodge Brighton have a real sense of tradition. With the famous beach acting as one of the city’s best spot to chill, you can understand why everyone wants to make their way to the beautiful city.

While in the city, you can explore what the city has to offer courtesy of the Lanes and the North Laines side streets. These two streets are filled with cafes, bars and hotels which can give any visitor the true feeling of being a resident of Brighton. The best part about the city is that you can find anything that suits your budget. These are some of the hotels you can find in the beautiful city of Brighton:

  1. Travelodge Brighton Hotel

As one of the most lucrative coastal cities near the capital city of  London, Brighton has a lot to offer its visitors. This Brighton hotel is rated among the best places to stay in the coastal city. The hotel is located at the centre of the city to give every visitor the much needed convenience when it comes to exploring what the city has to offer. Facilities in and around the city include: the Brighton Central Train Station which is just a mile away form the hotel and the Brighton Central Train Station. The famous Brighton Pier is also in close vicinity to the hotel. The fact that the hotel is near both the University of Brighton and the University of Sussex means that it provides convenience to students or friends visiting these learning institutions.

  1. Modern 4-star hotel near Brighton Pier

Dubbed as one of Brighton’s top secret hotel, this hotel is known for a number of things that keeps it on the customer’s radar. The hotel is located near both the Lanes and the Brighton Pier to add to its many attractions. With this location, visitors get an opportunity to explore the beautiful and one of a kind seaside that Brighton has to offer. Amenities that can be enjoyed here include: complementary Wi-Fi, a pool and a spa all of which are designed to help you enhance your experience while at the hotel.

  1. Queens Hotel & Spa

A very superior hotel that offers visitors with a beauty salon and a leisure centre to make you enjoy every minute while at the hotel. Situated at the heart of the Lanes, the hotel overlooks the beach to give the visitor an awesome view.