Benidorm’s beaches: what keeps people coming back?


Located on the Spanish Costa Blanca, Benidorm has been a favourite holiday destination among Brits for years, and its beaches are a big factor in drawing people back time and time again. So, today I’m going to take a look at what makes them so irresistible, as well as giving you enough information to help you decide which you most want to visit during your stay.

And by the way, if you’re still in the process of organising your break, you’ll be pleased to hear that Benidorm is a really affordable place to head to (this being part of its popularity!). Still, it’s well worth keeping your eyes peeled for deals, and you can check out the latest offers on hotels through companies likeĀ Holiday Nights. But now, let’s turn our attention to the exciting bit – Benidorm’s beaches themselves!

Poniente Beach

First up is Poniente Beach which, spanning 3 km, is the longest in Benidorm. It runs to the south of the town, and has a lovely beachfront promenade with all the services you could want.

What’s particularly nice about it is that while it has loads of facilities, it’s also quieter than Levante Beach (which I’ll talk about next), making it a good choice if you fancy relaxing in peace and quiet without heading too far from the main action.

Levante Beach

Located in the town itself, Levante Beach is the liveliest in the resort, and a popular beach hotspot famous throughout Spain. You’ll find it just north of the port, where it offers everything from a place to chill out and swim to water sports, nightlife and play areas for kids.

Stretching some 2 km, this beach is the place to come to if you want to be right in the heart of all the hustle and bustle. Night owls should particularly like it here, since you can relax on the sand or in the water during the day and then be just steps away from restaurants, bars and clubs to hit in the evening. With its central location and easy access to other entertainment, it’s no wonder this beach attracts plenty of return visits.

Mal Pas Cove

Next up is the much smaller and quieter Mal Pas Cove, which sits between Poniente and Levante. You’ll find this stretch of sand close to the historic part of town, and it’s a great place to go if you fancy a little relaxation in peace and quiet.

It spans just 120 m and has Blue Flag status, so it’s also a good choice for families. If you’re into scuba diving, meanwhile, this place is definitely somewhere to visit, because Benidorm Island, which is home to a marine reserve, lies just off the coast.

Ti Ximo Cove

Ti Ximo Cove is further outside of the resort, and is nestled between steep cliffs. This secluded destination is the ideal place to come to if you fancy escaping the hustle and the bustle, and you’ll find it offers some wonderful natural beauty. Plus, the rocky seabed makes it a great place for snorkelling. So, it’s certainly worth the extra effort to get there!

La Almadrava Cove

Also located out of town is La Almadrava Cove, which is another small, secluded beach. The calm waters here are great for swimming and, like Ti Ximo, it’s got a rocky seabed packed with marine life, so you can enjoy some snorkelling or scuba diving here.