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Bye Bye Polar Vortex: The Best Places To Plan Your Christmas Beach Holidays



The cold weather you endured last year nearly broke you. This time around, you have been searching for some cheap beach holidays over Christmas time so that the time you spend with your family this holiday season will be one remembered for its fun, laughter and hijinks under the warm tropical sun, and not for skidding all over icy roads, shoveling snow, and bundling up under multiple blankets and sweaters.

Fortunately, the tropical zones throughout the world are rife with sandy paradises that abound with shady palm trees, coconut-infused cocktails, and with water that is so blue that it seemingly glows. The trick is figuring out spots that are cost-effective for every dollar/pound/euro that you spend on holiday.

The following beaches adhere to this philosophy, allowing you to travel to these dream destinations on amazing Christmas beach holidays without having to check into the poorhouse upon your return home.

1) Cancun, Mexico 

If it is a lively, extroverted party you are after, then spending your holidays in Cancun is by far your best choice. The life-loving nature of the Mexican people can only help to enhance your experience here, and with the Hotel Zone boasting a constantly rotating series of entertainers and DJ’s in its countless bars and nightclubs, your nights after a leisurely day spent lounging on the powder white sands of Cancun’s beaches will be filled with external stimulation and cheap cervezas. Ole!

2) Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic 

Being one of the first purpose-built resort areas of the Dominican Republic, the locals are well-accustomed to catering to tourists, making for a comfortable getaway amidst one of the larger islands in the Caribbean. If you have had enough hours in the sun or on a jet ski here, then alternate activities in the area also include seeing the Domincian Republic’s version of the Christ the Redeemer statue, seeing marine animals at Ocean World, or tackling 27 tiers of short waterfalls on a canyoning adventure!

3) Anse des Pitons, Saint Lucia

Seeking a touch of luxury for your Xmas holiday? Saint Lucia, one of the windward islands in the eastern Caribbean delivers it in spades, as it is home to countless high-end resorts, complete with perfect beaches that have an astounding view of the scenic volcanic twin peaks, Gros and Petit Piton.

While Anse des Pitons was created by the luxury hotels in the immediate area by importing sand from Guyana, all beaches in Saint Lucia are public by law, so don’t be shy in paying a visit to this special place. The beach bar here does food in addition to its main trade in pedaling drinks, and in case you get bored of the beach, hot springs and outstanding jungle trekking await you in Saint Lucia’s interior.

4) Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt

If you’d rather get away from all that Christmas nonsense over the holidays, then spending two weeks in a place like Sharm el Sheikh in Egypt will do the trick nicely. The arid nature of this Saharan region will virtually guarantee sunshine throughout your stay, while the crystalline water of the Red Sea makes for some of the best snorkeling and diving grounds in the world. Desert trekking with Bedouin guides will appeal to the adventurous, while those seeking more leisurely pursuits will enjoy cultural shows that feature belly dancing among other attractions.

5) Kololi, Gambia

Want to really get off the beaten track this Christmas? Then planning a beach holiday in The Gambia will amaze those that ask about your holiday season in January. Located in a part of West Africa that is safe, sanitary, and with a long history of serving the tourist trade, you will gain the benefit of engaging with a culture completely different from your own on some days, while laying out and relaxing on virtually deserted beaches on others.

Travel photography: capturing your journey on film

The cost of good quality camera equipment has fallen substantially in recent years, so more and more people are now able to capture the important moments of their lives on film.  Travel photography is particularly popular, providing an opportunity to explore new environments and shoot something quite different from what is available at home.  This article looks at how to make the most of it.

travel photography

Essential kit

The best travel shots are often candid ones so it is best to avoid being burdened down by too much baggage or relying on a set-up that takes a long time to assemble.  A good, flexible kit should include a single camera, a polarizing filter, a reversible zoom lens and a simple, lightweight tripod that packs down nice and small.  It is also a good idea to have a separate flash with an inked trigger to use for fill-in light on bright days and to avoid red eye in night-time party shots.  A good, sturdy camera bag should have ready-made pockets for all these things, with padding to protect them en route.

Shooting landscapes

The easiest landscapes to photograph well, because of the prevailing air and light conditions are deserts.  The White Sands of New Mexico, the Atacama Desert of Chile, and the red north western extremity of the Sahara all offer stunning views, as does the frozen desert of Alaska in the fall when the light is low and long.

Old towns and cities present fascinating challenges for any photographer.  Some, like Paris and Venice, have already been photographed from every angle thousands of times, but others still have many secrets.  Cinque Terre in Italy, the markets of Marrakech and the palaces of Jaipur are among these rich sources of inspiration.  For modern cityscapes, South Korea and Hong Kong are hard to beat.

Shooting nature

Some of the most popular locations for nature photography are now discouraging photographers because of the importance of protecting vulnerable habitats, but there are still places where rare and exotic animals can be photographed with ease, without causing harm.  Rather than visiting the Great Barrier Reef, photographers can visit the exotic reefs of Hawaii or Belize to capture some truly remarkable scenes.  The islands of Socotra in Yemen have some truly bizarre plant life rarely seen by outsiders, the Pantanal of Brazil is home to fascinating avian and amphibian life, and the jungles of Thailand, especially around Chiang Mai, abound with wildlife of all kinds, as well as working elephants who can be photographed up close.

Tips for improving travel photography

  • Getting up early makes it possible to beat the rush to popular locations.  On long summer days it is sometimes even possible to shoot major cities with nobody else around, getting a really unusual perspective.

  • Using sites like Google Maps is a great way to look around locations before going there, to get an idea of the kind of views they have to offer.

  • Checking out other photos of the area on sites such as Dreamstime Stock Photos before going provides a glimpse of what other photographers have seen there before.  Good travel photographers might even consider monetizing their art by selling to a site like this.

Live it up in London with these great sights!

If you’ve never been to London, you’ve probably got a pretty caricatured image of it in your head – all cockerney geezers, fish and chips, bowler hatted businessmen and Big Ben ringing through the foggy streets. But London, United Kingdom is so much more than a set of well-worn clichés.

Want to see the real London? Then leave your car with the great staff at the Stansted meet and greet, make your way to the centre of the city and check out this guide.

A great day out

London is, as you might be aware, a huge area to cover, so don’t expect to fit in every sight on one day.

Start off with a trawl around one of the stranger museums in the capital – the Hunterian Museum. Housed in the Royal College of Surgeons, this curio will let you view an array of surgical implements, extinct animals and even, surreally, Winston Churchill’s false teeth.

After that, why not have a wander around Camden Market, where you’ll be able to pick up an array of great items at bargain prices. By mid-afternoon you’ll have sated your appetite for information and shopping.


A cracking meal

If you’re still hanging around Camden after your shopping trip, grab a bite to eat at the Arancini Factory for a great range of lunch dishes, from risotto balls to tortilla wraps. With meals ranging from between five and seven pounds, it’s a bargain of a lunchtime treat.

For a more esoteric teatime, make a visit to Dan le Noir?, probably the only restaurant where you’ll be blindfolded before you eat.

In a trend known as “concept dining”, this restaurant encourages you to use only your nose and your taste buds for a heightened dining experience. For those looking for more than a meal, it’s just the ticket.

An evening of culture

Culture is the name of the game when you’re trawling around in the summer evening, so why not try some of the best theatre you might ever see at Shakespeare’s Globe?

Showing a regular selection of Shakespeare plays, and performed by actors with a deep knowledge of the dialogue, the Globe is as authentic an experience as you’ll ever get in Shakespearean theatre.

But if you just fancy a few pints down the pub, pay a visit to The Blackfriar.

Famously saved from demolition by poet John Betjeman, this fascinating pub was built in 1905 on the site of a Dominican friary. Thanks to this unconventional building, the bar is home to stunning architecture, old mosaics and, most importantly, a great selection of ales.

And, at the end of your night, you can head back to your hotel and know that London will have even more to offer you tomorrow.

Top Reasons To Visit Sydney, Australia!

sydney at night

If you are wondering what the top reasons to visit Sydney are, then you came to the right post! As the capital of New South Wales, Sydney stands as the most populous metropolis in Australia, with 4.6 million inhabitants. This comes as no surprise though since it is among the first British colonies established in the area, receiving as many as 2.7 million international visitors per year. You’ll most likely be arriving at Sydney Airport which is a little bit outside the city center. Your best bet is to secure a car rental at Sydney Airport as many of the cities attractions are spread out.

sydney at night

Two of Sydney’s most famous landmarks and best known tourist attractions have always been the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and just standing across a magnificent steel arch bridge across Sydney Harbor, the Opera House is actually named as one of the 20th century’s most distinctive buildings. It was built back in 1958 and was opened after 15 years of construction, giving the country its most groundbreaking accomplishment. Today, it serves as a multi-venue performing arts center, hosting as many as 1,500 performances each year and accommodating about 1.2 million people.

But they are not the only reasons to visit Sydney. In addition, there’s also the Royal Botanical Gardens, which is on the southern edge of the Cahill Expressway. It spans 30 hectares and overlooks Farm Cove, another great local destination. It is one among the three major botanical gardens in the city that are open to the public – the other two being Mount Tomah and Mount Annan. At Farm Cove, you’ll find hundreds of species of flora. But what is most interesting is the colony of over 22,000 Grey-headed Flying Foxes (fruitbats) residing in the area.

Sydney’s most famous amusement park, Luna Park, is found at Milsons Point and is a blast for the entire family. Sydney Tower is a nearby place where you can get unobstructed, panoramic views of downtown Sydney.

Now, if those aren’t not enough exciting recommendations for things to do in Sydney, then you should just check out one of the things Australia is most known for, its beaches! Don’t forget to try out surfing as well. There are about 40 beaches in the city, facing the Pacific Ocean and they are classified as either Northern or Southern. Some of the famous ones are Bondi, Manly (Shelly) and Coogee, where the most illustrious surfing competitions are held. But there are also tranquil areas like Sans Souci and Monterey, where you could just enjoy a relaxing swim. If you are an experienced diver, you’d certainly enjoy the many dive sites in the area, including Cape Solander, Gordon’s Bay, and Bare Island. And you could also sail out into the open with a rental and just embrace the open open for the day.

Other top reasons to visit Sydney include the Australian Museum, the Museum of Contemporary Art, The Rocks, St. Mary’s Cathedral, Taronga Zoo and Darling Harbor.


Some of The Top Reasons to Visit Tunisia!

One can find a number of reasons to visit Tunisia if you choose this beautiful North African country for your next vacation. Like almost all North African territories, Tunisia is an Islamic majority country just like Egypt and neighboring Morocco. Around the year 2011, a revolution erupted in the country ousting the tyrant president Zine El Abine Ben Ali. After this time, the first democratic elections were held. Now Tunisia is undergoing recovery from the damages brought about by the revolution, but at the very least they manage a lot better than Syria and Egypt. One can visit rest assured that even in these transition times the government is successfully keeping hardline xenophobic Islamists at bay with its democratic and secular principles. Tunisia proves to be among one of most resilient nations recovering from internal chaos, and is still able to present itself globally as a modern country. Here are 5 of the top reasons to visit Tunisia on your next getaway!

souk in Tunisa

1. Tourist life is beach life!

One of the top reasons people book Tunisia flights is that this country has wonderful beaches. This should come as no surprise since Tunisia is located along the Mediterranean Sea. Tunisian coasts, like all other islands and shorelines along the Mediterranean region, are blessed with a very wonderful climate in any season apart from summer where it can get pretty hot. The country’s best golden sand beaches include Port El Kantaoui, Hammamet resort and the islands of Djerba and Kerkennah.

2. Let’s go for a desert safari!

If a beach outing is not your thing, then you can definitely try a desert safari. The deserts in Tunisia are inhabited by Berbers, nomadic tribes of the Sahara. Don’t worry though, there are mostly very friendly and your tour guide will most likely know many of them. You can choose to go for a wild ride with a sturdy four-wheel drive or choose a relaxed, steady trip on the back of powerful yet gentle camels.

3. Commerce: the ancient and colorful way

Another of the top reasons to visit Tunisia is that locals in this region are still in touch with their old traditions. The souks (open market stalls) are a cultural attraction that draws tourists to the many tourists to enjoy seeing how locals interact with each other on a daily basis. People would rather buy things in Tunisia’s traditional souks not because of its cultural importance, but simply because there are more authentic and rare collectibles found there than in modern stores.

4. History and culture are literally “monumental”

Tunisia’s ancient history appears in many textbooks, but its clearest evidences are its monuments. This country is home to a number of magnificent mosques in North Africa such as the Great Mosque of Kairouan. Although Tunisia is predominantly Muslim, there are also magnificent relics of its Carthaginian origins. Tunisia was once called Carthage during the Phoenician era and it was then called the Granary Capital during the Roman rule. As the seat of North African Rome, this country is home to El Djem amphitheater.


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El Papa Inocencio III en, se trasladó a la compasión por el número de nuevos propecia de 1 miligramo bebés bom ahogado en el Tíber, dejar de lado parte del hospital de Santa Maria in Sassia para cuidar a los niños, pero que era más bien el carácter de un asilo de hospita El famoso hospital de los Inocentes en Florencia priligy generico ecuador cuando tomar viagra descargar kamagra en españa cialis en uruguay fue fundada en, Las Delia Robbia Bambinos han hecho famosa a esta institución. La edad de oro del edificio del hospital fue en el siglo XIII. Walsh llama a esto el mayor de los siglos y se siguió de largo de la guerra mundial de enorme proporción de ese día. Este período de la reconstrucción después de propecia comprar viagra cialis levitra medicamentos efectos adversos finasteride las Cruzadas se inició comprar cialis generico en madrid con la firma kamagra efectos secundarios de la Carta Magna, cuando Inglaterra descarta la servidumbre y la libertad otorgada a su pueblo. En toda Europa, el arte, la ciencia, la literatura y la educación tuvieron grandes cialis en el vademecum foros sobre priligy avances y ascendieron a viagra online alicante pináculos de que el mundo no ha alcanzado desde entonces. Virchow, en su historia de los hospitales, mostró que todas las ciudades de cialis colesterol propecia y levitra genericos Europa con una población de, o sobre hospita poseída La tendencia era no tener hospitales especiales para los niños, sino a grupos grandes y pequeños en la misma institución. La mayoría de los hospitales tenían salas especiales tomar cialis para la obstetricia y niños y se afirma que las mujeres eran siempre a cargo de estas salas. Tenemos la tendencia a pensar en los hospitales medievales como insalubres, mal olor, la mala ventilación y focos de infección. Para citar más lejos de Walsh, los hospitales construidos en el siglo XIII por lo general eran de un solo piso, tenía techos altos con grandes ventanales, a menudo se construyeron cerca del agua que puede haber abundancia de agua para la limpieza y también que las aguas residuales del hospital podría ser retirado del campo, tenía suelos de baldosas que facilitaron limpieza a fondo y muchas otras disposiciones que los arquitectos de nuestro tiempo están introduciendo en la construcción de hospitales. *!*googleplus.com.es*!* Casi todas las inflamaciones hepáticas son secundarios a enfermedades del estómago, intestinos, corazón, etc Ellos son siempre supurativa en carácter, y el alcance y la duración del proceso son siempre de acuerdo con la naturaleza de la infección. Según Schmaus, hay cinco vías por las cuales las bacterias viagra y deporte pueden entrar en la vena porta. 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Que signifie exactement sortira dans le bref aperçu de ce traitement qui va maintenant donner, qui est basée sur la description donnée de la cure de repos en précédente Le traitement peut, bien sûr, avec difficulté, être exploitée dans sa propre maison, mais le succès du patient est jamais si assuré, et les objections Il est donc difficile de garantir calme et de l'isolement, et l'environnement familier ya cialis boite autant la mesure du possible, par conséquent, à la maison de la maison doit vente levitra prix être utilisé. Personnellement, n'approuvent pas pour de nombreuses raisons de médecins exécutant leurs propres maisons. *!*barrierefrei-wohnen-bremen.de*!* Wie die überlappenden Lungen weg geschoben wurde, gibt kamagra nedir es einheitliche Dämpfung über die gesamte Fläche, und die Unterscheidung zwischen der überdachten und freiliegenden Dämpfung verschwindet. 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Position der Ventile und ihre Einsatzgebiete Hörbarkeit. *!*fitness.ethicsport.it*!* Come abbiamo già accennato, non le normali quote di stomaco normalmente secernono excepl quando la sua mucosa è cialis confezioni influenzato dal cibo ingerito, viagra 25 funziona o da influenze stimolanti il cialis generico funziona dapoxetina alimenti etere. come regola, contenere acido cloridrico, e quando lo stomaco è passato il cibo en nel duodeno, la sua secrezione specialist kamagra cessa immediatamente. 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